Should I Do Mini Stories

I have 3 stories published at the moment and every single time I have like a few episodes published I want to end it cause I thought of a new story idea but I don’t I just have them on hold since got a little writers block. I also like to move fast in my stories lol. I was thinking about making mini stories with maybe 3-5 Chapters and ending it unless they got a lot of fan mail saying don’t than I would just add a part two lol. So should I make mini stories instead of long plot ones?

  • Yes
  • No

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If that is what you want then why not?

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It sounds cool but I personally like the longer stories. But I still like the idea

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I normally like longer stories to read as well but everytime I write I start to think of a better story plot I’m gonna have like my three at the moment be maybe like 30ish chapters (not too long but I get writers block a lot lmao)

Lol, well whatever you choose good luck

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No prob :grin:

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