Should I do more of A Bullying Story?

Should I do more of A Bullying Story until 5th book. I was bullying in high school even on social media. So do you want me to continue my A Bullying Story series?


Let me know if you read my story. :innocent:

My only issue with that is what do you want readers to gain from it, if it is an awareness of bullying and how it affects people then to me that is ok because its educational, you have to be careful how it is portrayed in the story, you don’t want it to come across as promoting, even if it isn’t your intention. Also make sure you are within the guidelines of the rules of what not to have in your story, excessive amount of violence or bullying is a no no. Saying this yes I haven’t read any of your stories, but I am only saying this in a general term.


Ok. I was bullying in high school then on social media. I just tried to help people who was victim of bullying by sharing my past but otherwise I do piano lessons because I like to learn.

My first story was an honor of a girl who went through bullying harder than me because people made fun of her and no teacher help. :thinking:

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Ok so then make sure you keep it light, not saying bullying should be taken lightly, I too was bullied back when I was at school but two things you have to keep in mind, the reaction of readers, you don’t want them to be emotionally overwhelmed and also be mindful of your own welfare, Portraying it in a victims POV (point of Veiw) is empowering but be careful is all I am saying. Good Luck!


I will and I may not make it as scary as the ring horror movie. It will be perfect and simple as a apple. I don’t want kid to have nightmares.

I do have other story I do have in mind for next year.

Make sure you tell your friends to check out my story.

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