Should I do my new story in INK or LL?

So I have this idea for a story but I always create my characters already in the portal when I’m planning my story so I have a bit of an idea on how they are going to look like. I love both INK and LL styles and I know that both of the styles can make the story great. So which one would you choose?

  • INK
  • LL

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well it depends on what kind of story you make. ink has some animation and clothing that limelight dont have. and vise verse.

You cant smoke in limelight
but it has a bunch of tattos
and more baby animation
ink has a cherleder uniform, limelight dosent
so look at what you need for your story and pick the best one


Yep! Its all on animations, and clothing! :ok_hand:



What’s your story about?

I personally prefer LL, and I think most readers do too (although the INK fans are the loudest :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ), but in the end, only you can answer that. :slight_smile:

There’s what Line said, of course; certain things are better in one style. Limelight has a lot more clothing, tattoo, scar, etc. options, while some of the animations are better in INK (imo the crying animation looks pretty pathetic in LL, in INK they have heaving sobs, in LL they just kinda touch their face gently lmao).

So my vote is LL, but listen to your needs and your artistic vision. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


right now LL is winning (it’s very close though :laughing: )

I meant Limelight not Ink! But do what you want to do!

One of the animations I don’t like about LL is the running but they do have more than ink and they have more tattoos. In ink I love everything about it :heart_eyes: and I use it for all my stories and I see many authors have amazing stories mostly with Ink but I don’t know about LL. So I prefer Ink :sweat_smile:

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They’ve actually released a smoking animation now

yeah i know

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