Should I do point system and CC?

I’m joining the reveal contest and I don’t know if I should do CC and point system. I’ve seen people joined the contest not doing CC and/or point system. I’m used to not doing CC and point system.

  • CC and point system
  • Point system only
  • CC only
  • No point system and CC

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Sorry if I put this in the wrong category :see_no_evil:


Well it depends if it’s relevant to your plot.
If you’re going to use many character overlays or limb overlays, then it’ll be easier to not out cc. I
f you have a set ending in mind then using the point system is pointless (haha see what I did there :wink:) and a waste of time.
Since there is a deadline, you need to work out how much time you’ll have to out into this story and see if it’ll work because coding different scenes based on points adds A LOT of time. If you have different endings in kind then I say go for the point system but still work out a sort of timing schedule around everything (sleep, work/school, friends, writing, ect.)





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A tie :eyes:

I mean you know my opinion :rofl:

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Lmao I do

Just curious, if you don’t use a point system, will you still be using gains or including choices? I think impactful choices are important for contest entries’ rubric scores, but it doesn’t really matter how you do them (and it’s your story, so there’s no need to include them if that’s not what you want!)

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Yeah I know. I’m not sure yet though.

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