Should I even write in ink anymore?


It seems like limelight is taking over and I honestly prefer ink but I don’t know if it’s worth it to write in ink anymore.


I love ink write whatever you like best! :grin:


yes but what if ink turns into classic and becomes forgotten?


I dont think it will there is a big poll about what people likes better most like ink more


A lot of people still prefer Ink. More importantly, what matters is that you’re writing in the style you prefer and are most comfortable with.


Heaps of people like INK. Honestly I don’t even like limelight and know many people who don’t either. Limelight has a lot of users because it’s this new style and everyone is trying it out. INK however is the most well known one and I don’t believe people will just dump it for limelight. Yes there are people who prefer limelight but ink won’t be forgotten. If ink is your style, write with it. :grinning:


Most people prefer INK, but Limelight stories can be wildly popular. Why don’t you do some stories in INK and some in LL and you’ll get to know both and see which you like best


Haha, you don’t know if it’s worth to write in Ink anymore?

Come on lol… Heck, there are some people who even still write in Classic and some people like myself who still read Classic stories. Now, you don’t see current trends stopping us from enjoying it, do you? So, what makes it any different with Ink?

Limelight is Episode’s number one priority at the moment, but you shouldn’t feel pressured to write in a specific style to keep up with popular trends. You should write whatever you want, in any style, and what makes you happy.

Want to write in Ink? Then by all means, write in Ink. :slight_smile: