Should I feel bad for not wanting to spend money on covers and art scenes?

Many people love these things, I think they are cute and add to the story, but I prefer to use free commercial use pictures and personalize them. I see Episode as a hobby, a fun activity to do. I’m not profiting or anything like that, so that’s why I don’t want to invest money into this.

It sounds horrible but I would invest money if this were my job, I know many small artists that are amazing and deserve commissions, I truly respect digital artists because there’s a lot of work behind the scenes.

I have my doubts because some people spend tons of money on their hobbies and they never make money from it, they do it because they enjoy it. That’s why I’m asking for your honest opinions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I’m not from the US or Europe. Maybe 50 dollars is not that much for you remember that every country has a different economy so please understand that.


I also know that some artists charge less than this, but the kind of art that I want takes a lot of work (I like symbolism).

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Girl, I’m completely with you! I guess I’ve never taken it as something to feel bad about, though, because while I support and admire artists who take commissions, it’s not something that I find necessary to have to write a good story (although I bet it does help a lot, especially the covers).

I guess the ‘more of a hobby, less of a job’ thing applies to artists too because some amazing artists take requests free of charge. Guess they’re more like hidden gems though :upside_down_face:


as an artist who wants to start commissions, i agree with you that $50 or even $5 is a lot to me. that’s why i feel so grateful to people who consider purchasing art from me :pleading_face: i totally understand why you would prefer to use free pictures and i have to admit that i never spent money on art covers and pfps when i was making my story. i think you should not feel bad about it because it is completely your choice, and at least you understand how much work we put into our art!!


I didn’t know this! I’m relatively new to all of this, every art account that I found has “no free art” in their bios so I assumed that was the norm

You do know you dont need ser scenes i. Hour story right, i Think most people dont want them anyway. Escpially if they do CC

It is the norm to pay for work, some do art for free and they are allowed to. But art is a thing there takes years to learn hours to do. When you order commission you are paying them for their time and expertise

Like you would do to a someone painting the Wall, babysitting your kids. Cleaning your house.

Art is a luxury item, that is why its expensive,

But also lets say the art cost 25 dollers. And take five hours to make. That os five dollers an hour, minimum wage is 8 dollers in US.

So you are paying below minimum wage for someone to work for you.

T hat is without adding the cost of matiriels, the time talking to the biler about how the art shall look ask for what they Think of the sketch and outline, and i tell you as someone who have done free art, the talking to buyer should be the one you charge, your the one who want free art why do i he artist has to ask multiple times for the information on how it shall look before it get an answaer.

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Yes :pleading_face: :pleading_face:

I think I found an example to explain all of this. I know that designer clothing takes a lot of work, I even admire some people that work in the fashion industry. Does that mean that I’m going to spend 3K on a dress? No, but I still respect their hard work, I would buy one of these if I have the money and the same thing applies to digital art.

If one of my stories goes well enough to gain money I will definitely seek artists for commissions, but I doubt that happens because I do this for fun, and monetize your stories is very difficult.


I know, but covers are important and that’s why many authors seek artists to do them


Please see my other reply, I explained myself better, I don’t mean to disrespect artists and their hard work :((

Even if it sounds crazy 25 dollars it’s a lot in other countries… and I think they have all the right to charge this price or more, is like any other job, the problem is that I found other options for not spending money and I felt bad because other authors do spend money in their stories :frowning:

The discussion is not about if it’s good or bad to charge for commissions. Let’s use the luxury items, for example, not everybody can afford a Chanel dress so some people go to thrift stores


I get in some places 25 is a lot, mean while where i live its cheap since where i live minimum wage for an hour is 30 dollers( converted)

Also note in these places where its more expensive its also often more expensive to live. A thing I often see written about my country its how expensive it is to buy stuff.

In my country, the minimum wage for an hour is 2 dollars…


Dang girl, minimum wage in America is like 8 dollars :sleepy::joy:

You should not feel bad, buying art is a choice and should never be forced upon you. There are TONS of artist who do amazing edited and drawn art for free and they are just as good as commissioned ones, if you need a cover artist for ink I’d recommend @/PropertyofNae when her shop opens again and for limelight I’d recommend @/KylieJay

Hope that helped and if you ever need help feel free to pm or dm me on insta :heart:


thank you so much <3

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I’m in the payment program and commission some of my covers. I basically consider it a win as soon as I earn back enough money to cover the cost of the cover :joy:
I don’t bother with art scenes though. I personally don’t think they’re needed. (Although I love when the actual author is artistic and makes their own art scenes.)

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Told you, they’re hidden gems! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I just had an extremely talented artist who usually takes commissions make some gorgeous artwork for my story free of charge (she decided to take a few requests in this manner for a little while and I caught it just in time). I guess it’s more on luck and actively looking out for them.


I feel lucky :joy: I needed help with non-episode art for my novel project and not many people will help for free when it comes to digital art (and I understand the reason why) but then my friend helped me and omg, the art was so freaking breathtaking, I can’t stop staring at it, it makes me write my novel even faster lol :rofl: :heart_eyes: :disco: A true gem :gem: And I know another awesome artist who runs a thread and gives people free art :100: So yes, it’s:

OP I admire artists and work they do but I too stick with free material only and will do so throughout my time on Episode :heart:

So true :blush:


hey there lovely! a few months back I started doing digital art, and I love helping out people for free :heartpulse:. if you need anything, PM me :pleading_face:.

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There is no reason for feeling bad it not your duty to pay for art.

I just can confirm that good art cover really help to make readers try to read your story.

I didnt wanted to believe it but the impact on reads when Ichanged the cover was huge.

My first cover was I think neet edit with only the main character on it ( because there is romance but it is not the main story plot)

My second cover was digital drawing ( I did it myself because I can draw) again only if MC and the reads jumped up noticebly.

Than I did half year later new cover… I added to MC the love interest so now the cover has 2 charcter both digital drawing - and this increaďsed the reads even more… while I kinda still dont like it it is obviouse that covers with couple is what attracts readers here on episode most.

here is my new cover so you will see what I am talking about:

I believe it doesnt have big impact for really small beginning authors whose story is not visible on the app… but once it gets to top 100 in the genre and starts to be visible there than good cover is the only thing that will the common user who will see it just on the app make to try it.