Should I feel bad for not wanting to spend money on covers and art scenes?

I understand your view, I also understand that artist want to charge people for their work because they put a lot of effort and time in it (I know because I do it too). But I personally find it very difficult to charge people for my work, partly because it’s a hobby but also because many people here are underage and I don’t feel comfortable asking a 15 yr old to pay me for my artwork.

As I said: this is me personally, please don’t feel attacked if you’re an artist who charges, I completely understand that!

In support of charging Tho: when you charge for art, you generally leave out the less serious writers and the people that are more committed to the actual artwork. I’ve done free art for people and then they’ve never used it because after a week they were done with episode. That’s really discouraging. It also takes a lot of energy to keep chasing people for the right stuff, if someone pays, they’re more inclined to give you that right away.

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Art scenes and covers are just an addition to the stories, not a necessary thing, so there is nothing to feel bad about.

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