Should I get instagram to promote my Episode Story?

I don’t know why, but lately, I’ve been thinking about getting an Instagram account aside from my Reddit account and Tumblr account, I had a tendency to stay as far away from Instagram due to personal past experiences with insecurities and cyberbullying (in a better situation than I was when I was 13) and after that I swore not to ever get on Instagram. However, on Tumblr, nor Reddit, the closest thing I’ve seen to episode related content was subreddits making fun of episode adverts (I admit it, it’s kind strange) and small communities that usually showcase the same content, or promote really “odd” stories with cringey or bad plot and I guess I am looking for a bigger or active community, should I join?

Instagram is a great way to promote your story! Everyone in the episode community supports each other and it’s a great way for your readers to follow you activity and updates on your story. It’s also a great way for you to keep up with your favourite authors. And if you create a username that doesn’t link to your name, no one will know it’s you so you don’t have to worry too much about people bullying you.

I hope this helped and if you do decide to make one, my Instagram is @misslondon.episode and I’d like to follow you :upside_down_face::upside_down_face:


Agreed. :wink:

My Ig is @lanafrazer.episode and loved to follow you as well.

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Hey! My insta is gabi.episode
I’ll follow you

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