Should I give Limitated CC or no CC to my story?

I started writing my first story, but I cant decide if I should give my future readers limited option to customize or not.

I know full CC is mostly wanted when it comes to EPISODE but honestly I dont feel giving full CC :frowning:

Also im a little scared that if I dont give CC people will not want to read my story but
since I wanted to give art scenes to my story and sice I want to using in story some character looks feature im not really sure what should i do


I’ve seen a lot of authors saying this, and I’ll say this again lol.

If YOU DO NOT WANT TO INCLUDE CC THEN DON’T. You are the author of your story, not your readers. A lot of other readers and authors out there are enjoying reading stories with NO CC at all. A lot of authors gets frustrated or angry when readers keeping telling them to add CC, and that’s why they don’t do it. So if your guts is telling you to not add it, then don’t. Trust your gut/instincts. If you are using art scenes, then it doesn’t make any sense to add CC for the reader to customize themselves, and the art scenes doesn’t look like the MC and LI. So, yeah. Please do not do what others want, this your first story you’re writing. You do what you want to do with it. If others don’t read the story with no CC then that’s their business, not yours. SO. GO FOR IT!!! I WANT TO READ SO MANY STORIES WITH NO CC AT ALL. You vision your characters how you want them to be! GO FOR IT! :raised_hands:t4: :sunglasses: :100: :coffee:


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Couldn’t agree more! :heart:


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