Should i give up? (drawing)

thought the arm looked good. finished the face and omfg the arm. literally only the ponytail part of the hair looks decent. eyes are weird af. don’t even get me started on the clothes.

also it’s not done so yeah wondering if i should bother finishing it.


Don’t give up! I looks amazing! It’s really good, seriously. If you ever feel like not continuing an art piece or out of inspiration, rest for a while or start on another piece, then come back to it. I think this is what people call artist block. :thinking:


You should definitely finish it, it looks amazing so far! :heart_eyes:


It’s amazing. You should keep going. :revolving_hearts:


You want my honest opinion?

Honest Opinion

It’s AMAZING! It’s actually really, really good, and I think it deserves to be finished. You are an amazing artist :art:

Perhaps you have artist’s block. If so, maybe you could work on another piece and come back to it, or just take a break from art entirely for a bit.


OMG!! That’s better than I could do? :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Take a break, go back to it tomorrow. Sometimes you can stare yourself blind on these kind of thing.
But I do think it looks pretty good. Just take a break, a deep breath and then come back. Then you’ll be able to see more clearly if you want to change something or if you like it. But don’t give up!


Finish it! Giving up in drawing is the worst thing you can ever do.

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