Should I have beta readers?

Well, my 2 art scenes are finally done for my first story… So I suppose it’s time to think about publishing the first three chapters. Still waiting on the last art scene’s approval…
While I’m waiting, should I get some beta readers? Or do some authors just publish without beta readers?
On one hand, it feels sort of “unsecure” to just share a link to my story… I also wrote out quite a lot more than 3 chapters (will only publish 3 at first, as the other ones still need tuning and more art), and I don’t want beta readers to continue reading past the first three…
Do you recommend that I get some beta readers? Or should I publish without them?
I’m also sort of bad at narrating art scenes…

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It’s always good to have someone else check your work. You use a different part of your brain when writing and when you’re editing, so you may have blind spots. (I know this because my wife is a professional editor and she’s found things on my scripts that I missed even though I reviewed them a dozen times before that).

Lots of authors do publish without beta readers or editors. I’ve seen loads of published stories from experienced authors with malapropisms (wrong word substitution) that got through. Spellcheck doesn’t catch everything. A recent one included “I shuttered at his touch…” (shuddered), and “Care to join me in the hot tube?” (tub).

If you’re feeling insecure about sharing your whole unpublished story, you could copy the code - of just the first three chapters - into a text file and send it to them that way, or post the text to a DM on the forum.

This is up to you! Many authors get beta readers and many others don’t

Well, if you’re gonna publish the story it will be out there anyway, so I suggest you get someone to overview what you did and maybe give you suggestions.

Personally, I was also very insecure about it, and that’s why I asked to beta-read it to my closer mutuals and not someone I didn’t know at all. However, making it read to someone without bias is the best thing in my opinion.