Should I have my story be customizable or not?

I’m starting to question if I should have my story be customize or have no characters being customized. Sometimes I feel maybe it’s better for my story to not of customization so the readers would understand more of my character better, but I also want my story to have customize characters so it be nice but the problem is that I don’t know what to choose from…

I think you should use the customization option on your story. When the reader gets to customize their character, it gives them kind of a relationship to the character. So they can relate to him or her.

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I agree. If people don’t want to customise them they don’t have to. If the story relies on the main characters ethnicity, nationality etc. it could just be limited.

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I’m not for sure though… I was thinking of having the readers customize the love interest and his parents and not have the main character customized…
Is that a good idea?

The love interest is a good idea but I don’t think the parents are because people might get annoyed that a character that isn’t that important gets cc but not the main character.


my problem is that the MC doesn’t know her parents and it’s really hard for me to customization with her family (Aunt, Cousin, Mom and Dad.) part of me just think maybe I shouldn’t have my main character customize when I think maybe its better for her to just stay the way they are…

Yeah. I would leave the main character in that case.

What you mean by that? :thinking:
I shouldn’t customize my characters at all?

I mean if I was you I would not have the mc have cc but have the love interest have cc if that makes sense.

Yeah it makes sense but I also should have his parents customized too.

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If you think that’s a good idea go for it! I’m not writing the story so I don’t know how important the parents are but if you think that will work better with it do it :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much I feel so much better! :grinning:

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I feel like CC is not a be all or end all however it can be a positive for a lot of readers. It depends on how important the features of your character are to the story.

Personally, I have not used CC as my characters have very specific heritages and ethnicities - I do not wish to change any of their features.

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Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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There are also ways to have a character’s parents be automatically customized. For example, while the love interest is customized, their parents’ skin tone, hair color, whatever you want is customized as well, so they can match the LI without the reader having to customize them. dara.marie has a google doc about it.

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I actually tried doing that but I had some doubts about customizing my characters or not. but thanks for telling me. :slightly_smiling_face:

That seems to be a matter of opinion with some people feeling strongly about customization and some people feeling against it. Some people don’t care either way. I do find it surprising that someone won’t give a story a chance because it doesn’t have customization.

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