Should i host a outline contest? (poll within)

heyy lovelies! :wink:
I’m thinking of hosting an outline contest
But i SUCK :grimacing: at making decisions.

I will have both INK , LL and MY OWN STYLE!!

So y’all!
Help a girl decide! :see_no_evil:

  • Yes. It’s a good idea!
  • Maybe not the best at the moment

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Also let me know if your intersted!
I’d love to tag you!

if this does flop thennnnn… am outta here :see_no_evil: :grimacing:



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Ahhh yes u def should! I might join myself if the deadline isn’t too early🥃

Do it! Do it!

I have nothing to do so I’d definitely join :))


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Dw the deadline will be a lot of time!


I’ll be interested to join if I have time! :blush:

I will join too

I will join too. Love drawing outline!!!

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But outline contests are for filling the outline we provide

ok!!! Dont u check private messages I sent a couple of messages I guess u didnt check

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Oh sorry
I think I missed it
I’ll check out out!

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An outline contest would be awesome!

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I’m planning on the outlines rn

Great idea!

Could you tag me when you open it, please? :grin:

That’s a great idea! Could you please tag me when u open it?? I’d love to join!

By the way, will you be hosting it here or on Instagram?

If here, could you tag me when you announce it?

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Tag me when you open

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Hi! @Vi_Episode
I did vote you should do it

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