Should I include character customization in my story or not?

Hey guys, I wanted some advice for my story. Note: My story will have art scenes on how I specified the character. (Do you guys mind the art scene not looking like the character?)
Should I include character customization?

  • Yes
  • No

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Comment below the reasons I should or shouldnt include character customization? :heart:Thanks for feedback! :heart:

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It doesnt bother me, but if youre gonna use lots of overlays or art scenes I suggest including limited customization :blob_hearts:

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I personally like stories without CC, especially of theres art scenes - or at least keep the CC limited, so the art scenes make more sense:)

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If the readers playing as a character, and not themselves, then there shouldnt be CC.

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If the story has certain factors that plays with how the MC looks then CC should not be included.
Besides I love reading without CC because of the art scenes, overlays and everything else!

If you make the readers make them self while still having the MC that could work to make everyone happy I guess.:sparkles:

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Do you guys mind the MC not looking like the art scenes or you dont really mind?

I mean it would be better if the MC did match the art scenes, otherwise it would feel off at least to me.
But some people wouldnt really mind it.

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That why warnings should be given if CC was an option.

For example if they choose to customize a warning should come up saying something like-

If you customize your character wont match certain overlays and art scenes the story has, do you still wish to customize?

Then giving them the finale option if they want to customize or not.

Hopes this helps!

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:blush: thanks

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I feel like less readers would be interested in my story if there is no character customization. To be honest I actually like character customization but if there is no character customization, I lose a little interest in the story. That is why I am asking for your opinions so I can see what the majority perfers. So I can make the majority happy and enjoy reading my future story.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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In my first story, I didnt offer CC for that reason and I got a lot of complaints! For my second, I let people do almost full CC (eye colour is an important part of the story, so that was limited). I just put in an authors note letting people know that there would be art scenes, and if they changed too much she wouldnt match those scenes. That way my readers had that choice of sticking to the art scenes or not matching them. From the screenshots Ive seen, most of my readers either didnt change my MC or changed her very slightly to their preferences so she still matched the art scenes. It feels like the best of both worlds to me!

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