Should I include mini games in my story?

for context, my character is being stalked. should i include mini games that allow the reader to search for clues and gain survival points?

  • Yes
  • No

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Honestly, yes, but before the minigame, add a skip button to those who don’t have the right device to play the minigame. And to be fair, when they skip, give them full scores.
Hope this helps, Happy writing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart:


thank you for the advice! :relaxed:
out of curiosity, which devices do mini games not work on and which aspects of the games don’t work on them?

I don’t really know that much… but the only thing I know is that phones are better at displaying the minigames, while tablets may cut off the screen. Some people may have problems with tappable minigames, like, you can’t tap the overlays. But, when you preview your OWN story, there’s a button called: “Guidebox” that can help you out. Just make sure it’s on. And viola! You get some green and red boxes that show where the overlays are cut off and where you should put them. Hope this helps :wink: :pizza:

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thank you! :yellow_heart:

if you add a minigame and you use tappable overlays or panning bg make sure to make a minigame with regular choices. older devices crash on minigames.

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will do, thanks! :relaxed:

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