Should I just update my story to ink?

Good afternoon everyone,
I am now writing a story in classic and it’s starting to have way too many problems. I’m not sure if it’s because the style of script writing is changing, but these problems are causing me to not be able to publish my episodes. One of the main issues is that my characters don’t change clothes anymore. I have reset my story multiple times, and all my characters are still in their default clothes.

So basically, my question is should I just write the rest of my story in ink? And if I do should I update all previous episodes or leave it in classic because it’s having too many problems?

Apparently it’s a glitch going around with changing outfits in Classic. Hopefully will be fixed soon!

And if you want transfer your story to INK style it’s up to you :slight_smile:

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Okay, thank you so much. :slight_smile: