Should I let readers customise the main character/s in every story?

I am currently going through all my stories and wish to redo them all in slightly different ways and one thing I was wondering is if I should let the readers customise the character in the story I’m currently working on? I do plan on there being customisation (full or partial) in all my other stories but in this one, I’d like to keep the character how I imagine her, is that ok do you think?

It’s up to you, but I’d rather not customize a bunch of other ppl apart from an LI or MC.

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Ok, thanks xx

Definitely up to you! If you do decide to put in CC for the MC, LI, and/or BFF, I’d suggest introducing and customizing them as they enter the story, rather than all at once at the beginning of episode 1. That makes it feel much more natural!

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Maybe ask at the beginning of each episode “Do you want to customize [NAME] and [NAME1] again?”