Should I let the MC be customizable?

hey lovess

I really hope you can quickly help me out! So, I’m going to be making a new story! I’d like to know if I should let the MC be customizable>

  • Let them customize
  • Don’t let them customize

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It matters–Do they look like a generic Mc? If so I would.

It depends - are there going to be art scenes? are you going to describe the main character in details? I personally don’t like to customise my character because I want to see the story from the authors perspective - but it’s just my opinion :thinking:

it depends if at some point in time you will mention their facial features. or you can do limted customization :slight_smile:

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well it depends… if in a scene you’re going to describe the character I wouldn’t let the reader customize it or if you’re going to have art scenes :slightly_smiling_face:

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