Should I make a art thread?


I am honestly undecided a few people have said I should go for it but when I try it doesn’t go very well. So I’m going to ask here.

  • You should definitely make a art thread
  • You shouldn’t make a art thread.

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Hello. I need the communitys help. Again

Yes!!! How will you get request if you don’t have a thread??


Ye okay lol.


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So I’m bored and I think my art is generally good. So I was wondering if I should open a thread. Again.

Some examples



  • You should definitely open a art thread.
  • No. Go home.

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Don’t you already have an art thread?


Ye I closed it.


Ohhh ok?


I love your art❤


Thank you so much!






do iiittt
You’re doing some great work :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Thank you so much!