Should I make a contest?


The tittle says it all anyway should I make a contest and also what kind because I can make like a summer contest something like that and also if u would like to apply for my Friends art group the application is right here:


well @Kamorie1027 there are already too many summer contests. Do something different! Like a-- full moon contest! Or a contest based on a tv show! These are unique and I would participate,


Ok thank for letting me know


np. Lol. You seem cool. I would love to help you make a contest!


I will problly do a contes base on a movie


Sure you could help me make it


hmmm yh. Like have you ever watched Legally blonde???


yay thank you!!


No but maybe I should watch it now


you should!! It’s a really good movie and the cotest (assuming its an art contest) would have to be based around the movie or make a cover for the movie.


or tvd!!! yey


That sound fun how long is the movie


What is that :laughing:


The Vampire Diaries!!! Lots of fangirls (including me lol) would wanna do it probably!!!


I watched that but don’t remember anything




So hard to deside




hmm maybe like a contest for a modern day princess???


Ooo I like thattttt