Should I make a How To for this?

Hey guys!
So I just figured out how to put words on the lines of the episode background

It looks like this:

But then I realized, a lot of people probably don’t know how to do this, and it could be very helpful in stories.

Do you guys think I should post a tutorial on the Forum so people know how to do this?


Sure, if u want to.

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:thinking: I didn’t know that. Is it just text overlays? Or does the background have a special capacity to hold text?

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It’s Text overlays

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There’s a thread here on text overlays :yay:


Ahhh, I see. :open_mouth: Idk, if you want, but I figure the text overlay thread covers it. :+1:

Yes please I maybe need it for my story!!:sweat_smile:
But only if you want of course!!

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