Should I make a new art group? (I am ,we are analysing and talking about how I should make it,)

I’ve been very busy lately with my art requests and stuff and I thought it could be a good idea to create a new art group but I need some opinions on that :sweat_smile:

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If you do let me know and I’ll add you to this

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Awww thank u

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Np :blush:

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I don’t see why not! If you decide to do it I can help. x

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Great thank u for your opinion! Would u like to join the group if I make one and be a head artist? (I will be the leader we will have 2 head artists 3 detail selectors ,they will help on giving us all the requests and stuff , 4 regular artists 5 at each they’re good at (character edits , cover etc)

I will probably make the art group and I’ll make a form which people can enter and join. I’ll send u the form if ur interested

I actually cannot make art, but I think I’m okay with editing.:flushed: I can “promote” your shop. Like I would send the link to the art shop when someone needs covers, art scenes etc. (this is just an example of what I could do)

I’ll help with everything I can!

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Thank you so much ! Could u send me an edit example of urs? I’d you dont feel like you wanna have the head artist, u could be one of the "each thing their good at " artist, or maybe a detail selector- promoter

Here are examples of few things I can do:

Making night versions of backgrounds

Character details sheets

Fictional social media posts





(I made more, I just can’t find them. If I do, I’ll edit the post and put them here.)

I’m not very talented, but I try. I won’t be insulted if you don’t like what I make! I would be always happy to promote your shop.:two_hearts:

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I think it’s a great idea

I’m a writer who cannot find an artist willing to do the art for me and a shop who is willing to do art for an author with a story or stories is a big help

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I really like your artwork would you accept to join?

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You can count on my group when it’s ready

Awesome you’re in! Just I don’t know the name yet :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Thank you so much

It’s a lot though and I have asked before and been turned away :pensive:

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It’s okay I love to help people by making art to them!

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Once it’s up and running let me know x

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Hmm, maybe something summer-ish? “Ocean Art Shop🌊” lol

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Great I’ll let you know!

That’s great

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