Should I make a new one?


Should I make a new Art Thread? And start taking request again? Or should I wait a little bit longer?
Opinions are welcomed. I hate my latest art scene I did for someone…

Art scene

Here are other examples



Should I make a thread for my art?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Don’t care
  • Of course your awesome
  • Don’t know

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Please drop a few words to let me know what ya think!

Honesty Thread 💜
Confession thread part 2 :kissing_heart:

Make an art thread!




Go for it! I totally think you should and I do really like your splashes and covers if I ever need one I will know where to go! :smile: :heart:


Aww thanks daisy!


No problem. :smile: :heart:


I :heart_eyes: the second to the last splash






You should do it!!!


And you finally doing art again


I’m trying… lol


Do. it.


Thanks my Star!!!


make an art thread :slight_smile:


Thank you. It will be making a new one. I closed my old one.