Should I make a new story -Need Advice-

Hoi everyone :kissing_heart:

So I recently published a story, and it’s called “Unexpected Murder” if you wanna read it :wink:
Okay anywaysss it only has like 12 reads and I published it 3 days ago? But yah so Ik not even 100 ppl are going to end up reading it but I still want to make a new story, and it might even be based on a true story but who knowss… but yah im debating on wether or not i just make a new story? Because I really want to but I don’t know if I should. But yah you guys should tell me if i should bc i would really appreciate it!

Love you guys all
AngelicIqra :heartpulse:

I read your story and yes you can make a new story but I’d definitely advise you to take your time and practice more on the portal if you want to publish a story with the potential of getting 100 plus reads, if that’s your goal. Just some honest feedback :slight_smile: And if it’s based on a true story , even better ! It would be easier plot wise.

i’d say focus on the story you first published don’t give up. you’ll get more reads eventually. have hope lol. do make a new story but i’d say put your main focus on Unexpected Murder first. take your time :))

Thanks both of you, for the advice!

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