Should I make a story with very few choices?


Basically, what the title says, I’m making a story and I’m wondering if I’d be better off having very little choices (they’ll most likely be very important ones), but should I? Especially since I kind of struggle with writing out choices anyway, and speaking of, can someone please list the different ways to write choices? Without linking any of the guides!

Thanks!!! :grinning:


You do what you need to do for your story. Tbh I don’t mind it either way. I’ll read a story with few choices as long as they’re significant

I can give you a quick lesson in choices. What do you already know?


well i know the basics for choices, but i’m not particularly sure about the ones that count in later episodes, referencing choices (if that’s not the same thing), how to use flags, advanced choices basically.


The more choices the better but in some cases I don’t mind


That’s fine but make sure you have CC and Outfit choices because that’s what reader want.