Should I make an Episode Instagram?


Hiya all my Epi Babes :two_hearts:

I’ve been debating for a few days whether I should make an Instagram for Episode. I’m leaning towards making one, but I’m not really sure what I should name it and what my profile pic should be and what I should post and all that jazz. Should I make one? Should I not? I was planning on using the new ‘Social Feeds’ feature in the app, but I haven’t gotten it yet so that’s one of the reasons I’m leaning towards making an Insta account. I have no idea where I’m going with this…:sweat_smile:

Should I make an Insta account for Episode? What should I call it if I do (you guys probably have better ideas than me)? Okay, that’s me…Thanks in advance for anyone who comments on this.

S :two_hearts:

Also, if this in the wrong place, please tell me and I’ll move it.

Edit: I have made the Instagram and I think I have my name sorted…Anyone got any tips for making the account look nice or like any tips in general? :two_hearts:

Edit 2: My Instagram is sw.storiess if anyone wants to follow it…


I was waiting for the feed feature just so I could make a poll to ask if I should make an instagram? LOL


Haha, same!


I just made an insta not long ago for episode and I must say I have met so many episode people… that aren’t here on forums… and it’s a god way to share thins as well… without the fear of posting the ok the wrong place… idk if this helps y’all at all… but I say go for it… I struggled for a while with it my self


OMG hahahaha! I feel this every time I make a topic


Okay, thanks! Now I just have to come up with a name :sweat_smile:




Well my Episode name is Savanna W., so I sort of came up with stuff like:

I have no idea what to do though, lol. Thanks for your suggestion :two_hearts:


I think sw.stories is awesome and unique like you!!! :grin:


Awww thanks Chay! So are you :two_hearts::two_hearts:


Thanks… I’m working on a drawn cover… I’m nervous about how it will come out


I’m sure it will be amazing! I’m trying to draw myself a profile pic, but I’m too lazy :sweat_smile: I was doing it digitally, but I think drawing it on paper will be easier for me :two_hearts:


I just have to do the eyes… idk how it look s though… wanna see???




I have to do the eyes… it’s the first one in have drawn… he is half robot



Everyone HI


I love it




Thanks… idk why I’m like so nervous about it lol


I think it looks great! Maybe pull up some images of eyes to reference from? It always helps me :two_hearts: