Should I make an Episode Instagram?




I couldn’t tell from the pic what color their eyes are… lol I believe his are a brown and hers are like a grey


She wants it to be like this??? Did I do good??? Lol but se wanted the robot/human to be touching yw girls face



Yeah, I think it looks great so far! Maybe search on google for pictures of brown eyes and grey eyes and reference them when colouring. This usually helps me to make it look more realistic. Maybe also add a little bit more depth to the girls face, like you did with the robots? I think you got the positioning of the people perfect, also :two_hearts::two_hearts:




So you’ve made your Episode Instagram account and you want to make it look nice. I prefer having a theme so each of your posts are related in terms of appearance. And just post anything that you want but remember to post something that satisfies the rules and regulations. I hope this helps <3

P.S. This is my first reply ever, I’m planning to be all around this place. So see you guys somewhere here! Its so happy to meet members of the episode community <3


Okay, thanks for your advice! I think I’m gonna stick to the black and white theme I have going on with all my covers. Also, would that be the rules and regulations of Instagram or…?

Anyway, it’s really nice to meet you too and I hope I see you around the forums :two_hearts:


I made my Instagram if anyone wants to follow it…