Should I make an instagram account for episode?



Should I make an Instagram account for episode?

  • YASSS make an IG account
  • NO it’s a bit too early
  • Do what you want

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For Episode? I don’t have an Instagram account, my writing group only has one but I don’t use it. It’s up to you. :slight_smile:


thank you I appreciate your opinion


No problemo! :wink:


I think Instagram it’s important! A lot of people sharing screenshots from the stories, that’s how yours can get noticed by someone else :slight_smile:


thank you


maybe it’s not that important because a lot of people will like your post and reply to your insta stories but when it comes to reading only about 20 out 100 will read your story and give comments,this is because of the new update of instagram that only 20% of your followers will see your post but anyways it’s all upto you girl.


Thanks for that information because I don’t know if its too early to make one (I published my story 2 days ago )


my sis has one and she feels that one day it’ll be a great way to inform and promote her stories.


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