Should I make an Instagram account for my story?

Many people on Episode have an Instagram account. I was just wondering if you think I should get one? Like, what do you even post there? And would someone be interested in following me? Just curious to know your opinion😀


I really don’t care for insta, do it if you want, it really depends on your content.

It depends what your planning to do on it. Are you an artist? A writer? Instagram is the perfect place advertise/share your story or art.

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Well, I’m a writer with a new story.

Btw, thanks for responding!

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Np! I’m happy to help, if you have any questions feel free to ask! :grin:

I will, thank you!

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I say do it. You can post sneak peaks, your plans for your story, and updates.
A huge part why I say to do it is because you can find some amazing friends over there. Sure there are many toxic and rude people, but I believe the positivity outweigh some it.
When I first joined I was ready for cometition, hate, and rudeness. But I was surprised to find so many positive and supportive friends.

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Hey! You have many good points there. Maybe I should get one. Yes, there are so many nice and positive people out there!

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Another thing, you may ask for help on your story. There are some groups who do story reviews, shoutouts, etc.

That’s true.

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i would, because it has advantages. mine is @epi.kels if you ever make one and want to follow me.

when you create an account its good for several reasons. like promoting your story, sharing your work if you make edits, etc. and its also good for making friends and getting your name out there in general. i have met a lot of nice people, shared my story where i now have a good amount of reads, and overall just progressed in the community. if you ever make one let me know! i’m always happy to give shoutouts.

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Thank you! And if I ever make one, I will for sure follow you!

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I say yes!
I post sneak peeks and story updates on mine. Plus I help advertise for other stories I really love sometimes as well. It’s a great way for your readers to interact with you and to make new friends in the community.

Plus there are a lot of Instagram pages dedicated to doing story reviews and holding story of the month/week contests, so those are also great to participate in to get word out about your story.

P.S. if you end up making one, follow me @e.h.writes and I’ll follow you back.

It’s up to you, but from what I’ve seen, having an IG helps you establish yourself and what content you like to see and write. It also helps people become more familiar with you if you’re interacting with other stories and authors.