Should I make an Instagram account for updates?

I’ve been going back and forth on if I should make an Instagram account for my story updates and possibly some sneak peeks here and there. Should I? :thinking:

I DID IT!! :see_no_evil:


Hi, I think it can be a bit helpful.
Also, meet some new people/friends there. :wink:

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Hey! You’re not wrong there :wink:

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Ah, also it’s fun to make sneak peeks and other posts.

If you make follow me as well… Its not a proper episode dedicated page but I will be using it after I publish my story
My insta account is @ _silver.shade71

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It could be really helpful (and fun!), because your story can get more reads :relaxed: And it is of course a fun way to interact with your readers.

So, I should go for it! :heart:


I think you definitely should if you’d like to give your readers another avenue to communicate with you and view your extra content. Only things I would be mindful of are follower drops and post flops because they can negatively impact your mental health and sometimes there are also trolls, but if you think you can overcome those I’m sure your Instagram would help your story grow! Good luck with it and I hope you gain invested readers, great friends and reach/exposure. :blush:


If I make one I’ll definitely follow you :relaxed: :blob_hearts:

True :thinking: :blob_hearts:

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Thank you :relaxed: :blob_hearts:

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I will follow back too… Just Dm me… Writing ur episode forum name​:blush::blush:

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I did it! Instagram

Good luck since you have done it!

Mine is [epi_asher] Login • Instagram
Followed you.

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you totally should!!!

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