Should I make my MC catholic?

  • Hell yeah!!!
  • Nahhhhhh

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Is it important to the story?


It’s not really important but I thought it would make story more relatable cause like 34 percent of people are catholic

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If your story is a “you” story as in you have the option to name and customise the MC as yourself, I would recommend not giving your MC a religious identity.

I had read a story where I named and customised the character as myself and the MC which had my name said “I’m catholic” it really bothered me a lot.

“You” characters shouldn’t have religious identities IMO.


Maybe I should add option on that?
That’s a great point

I think it’s a great idea to give your main characters a religious identity! There aren’t that many stories where the MC actually practices a religion. But like @PoojaI said, if it’s a YOU story, maybe you should include an option where the reader chooses their religious identity (although this would include a lot of branching whenever the MC’s religion is mentioned). However, if it isn’t a YOU story, then it’s an excellent idea to give your MC a religious identity.

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What I would suggest is if this is a YOU story then right before you give the option to name and CC put and A/N “before you name and customise just know that the MC is catholic, if you do not wish to customise, name her insert name

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