Should I make my story (Fame+Psychological Thriller) in Ink or LL?

I’m thinking of making a drama/thriller story on illness and stardom. I have some general idea, so I won’t spoil, but I want to know; if I do make this story (which is pretty much a psychological thriller, think about amberj’s The Game as an inspiration and style – but with a famous person as the main character), should I make it in Ink or Limelight?

The dilemma

I love the limelight style and how the characters look (mostly the hair) and it keeps getting updated with new stuff. The thing is, I love Ink and I could certainly use the smoke animation (as well as the perfectly representative sad animations), but soon I feel like the outfit/character trait options will run out soon (because right now I feel like it kind of evens out since LL doesn’t have that much outfits yet, but that’s just me :smile:).
Also, a lot of people love Ink, but a lot others are over it and prefer LL. Ugh, this is hard.

  • Ink
  • Limelight
  • Classic (you silly peep ;D)

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Tell me why, or don’t :sweat_smile: just have fun and help a girl out! :smile:

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The game is by @/episode.amberj

I personally prefer LL and I think it works well for psychological thrillers :woman_shrugging:t4:
But obviously INK works well too since The Game is amazing.


Woah, then Idk who pooja is :joy:
I was scammed :hushed:

Pooja is an editor :rofl: who also happens to be a massive fan of the story lol


Well my bad :joy::sweat_smile:

its ok lol


Never read The Game but I’m guessing it’s a thriller.

But yeah, Limelight looks very professional & realistic. Speaking of stories, you still working on Cyberstalker 3 or the Cinderella story?