Should I make this character customizable?

I have a really cute love interest for a story I’m making and I’m hung on whether or not I should make him customizable. I feel like he looks more like himself.

Need feedback cuz I’m honestly stuck like I want ppl to be able to use their favorite features and stuff but this character is iconic (not his look per-say it’s a bit common)

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i think he’s really cuuuuuute! :two_hearts: but ik some people who don’t read stories unless there is customization. so maybe limited cc?


Yeah that’s what I was thinking but I’m also super lazy and can’t be bothered with the coding :joy: but I guess it’d be worth it if it made the readers happy

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@Dara.Amarie has a template! :grin: like you’ll still have to do some coding but it’s a bit easier! :grin:

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Thank you, I actually used her template for the main character :slight_smile: It was still a lot of coding tho ngl haha

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I would say yes because I have seen characters like that a lot now in stories, the features are getting tired to look at. I would like to change it up a bit.


should you make him customizable?
yes, yes, yes, and yes…no offense :tired_face::joy::joy::joy:
in general, he looks good i guess, but i wouldn’t have chosen those eyebrows, that mouth, and that nose. everything else looks fine for me, but it is your story and your character!

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i think they’re new features

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Thank you! That’s a pretty valid point :joy:

Thank you!!

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Those features have been in the portal for a while fam.


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