Should I open a edits shop for every thing edited? You decide for me ☺️

Hi guys
I have started doing random edits like pfp’s, splashes, moodboards, covers, intros etc and I want to open a art shop that is only for edits

I didn’t know should I or should I not cause if no one requests it would be weird and silly

So I am asking YOU guys to tell me your opinion.
So that I know what to do

I want to open a shop and help youall but it would be weird if no one requests

So help me out and I am gonna let you make this decision for me

I can do anything edited with 1 day or 2 days max


I think you should do it. I’m sure you would get requests, as a lot of episode users need covers and other edits for their stories all the time


I think you should do it too! With everything you want to do, do it for you and don’t think about requests and such. If it flops, it flops, but if it goes well it can after all go very well. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


If you have time and enjoy doing it go for it. Just make sure not stressing/ over working yourself


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