Should I Open A Google Drive? [EXAMPLES & POLL]

I’ve been editing backgrounds for a while, and I have some which I made that I feel might also help out others and I just want to know if you guys would like a drive! There would be some rules I would probably add though:

  • You’d have to be following me. (Yes, I want clout :roll_eyes:)
  • You should not share my stuff outside of the drive or claim it as your own.
  • You should not remove credit from the name of the backgrounds and must always credit me when using it.
  • Don’t use my backgrounds outside of Episode. If it’s Episode related contents elsewhere (like TikTok/Instagram) I should be tagged in the post for credit.
  • My drive would be accessed through sending in a form requesting your Gmail/Instagram account so if you broke the rules, I would remove your access to it and block you.

These are just precautions I have to ensure that my stuff is not stolen because I know that others in the past have had people steal their work and I’d rather be safe than sorry. Here are examples of some of the backgrounds that would be shared!

These are just some of what would be on there, complete with filter colors, overlays, and the backgrounds themselves.

Would you be interested in me opening a drive?

  • Yes! Open a drive right now!
  • Yes, but I want to suggest another way to access it (list in replies).
  • No, I don’t think a drive is necessary.
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Ummm what kinda question is that? I NEED that 1st bg rn!

Lmk when u open it


I’m glad you like it and that other people are interested in them! I’m gonna get to organizing and setting up a drive soon!

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Yes you should open up a google drive, they’re all so pretty! :heart_eyes:


Thank you so much! This means so much coming from you as a fellow background creator! I definitely will be opening one soon!


Awe, ofc! So happy you will! :blush: :heartbeat:


Thank you all so much for voting, I have now closed the poll. I have finished adding everything I have so far to a drive, so now I’ll make a new thread announcing the release of my drive!

@K3lli3_55 I don’t know if it’s you I should be tagging, but please close this thread.


Ahh :star_struck: I LOVE your backgrounds already :two_hearts:

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Thank you! :blob_hearts: