Should I open a shop on forums?❗️

I know there are other acc that do this but I feel like there arent enough, example when I first began and wanted to write I was hopeless and didn’t know there was a whole community.
I don’t know whether people should use the tips and tricks I post so I guess this is sort of asking you if you would use it?
this shop would consist of: proofreading, tips and help with coding
:heart::heart:watch this be a flop

So I sorta said frick it and made the shop scroll down for the link


I think that’s a good idea. I’m sure many people will appreciate your help :smile:


Yeah, go for it babes. I’m sure a lot of people would definitely benefit from it :black_heart:



Moved to Episode Fan Community since this doesn’t fit into any Creator’s Corner categories. @jessica16 please keep in mind that coding help goes in Directing Helps and Tips, and proofreading goes in Share Feedback. :slight_smile:

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Oh and tag me if u do👀

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UPDATE: so I sorta said frick it and made the shop today

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It sounds pretty good and I think many people would benefit from it and would appreciate it! :blush: If you do, you can tag me so I can check it out :heart:

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Thank youuu

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