Should I or should I not publish these stories at some point?

Oh sorry I don’t know which ones were the ones to start cursing and calling names. But if you weren’t one of those then I’ll thank you as well for that. I’m sorry if I made it sound like everyone was rude, just that quite many were rude (me including).I do hope that you don’t hold a grudge against me for this thread. Since this thread was originally for me to know if the stories are good, but it turned into something ugly.

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I don’t advise making the ending a suicide at all, tbh. You’ll probably get your story taken down.

No I don’t think that people should hold grudges, so I wish you best of luck if you decide to publish any of your stories! I do think some have potential


Thanks !

Hmm you think so ? I didn’t know that it could be taken down from things like that. Since I really don’t 100% know what can and can’t make the story to be taken down. I do know that it’s not ok to kill anyone (?) but I wasn’t sure about suicide.

Well in the rules it has no suicide, so if somone finds that topic sensitive then they might report it

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I’d check out the rules if I were you. It’s really frustrating when you spend time writing a story and it gets deleted. Protect yourself against that!

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Okayyy, but do you think it’s ok to make a suicide attempt but nothing happens from it? Or something like suicidal thoughts, self harm (not shown). Are those still ok or is topics like suicidal and depression etc all forbidden on episode.

I did read them once… I just find it sort of boring to read through all of em. Plus even though I understand english really well and speak it from time to time, it’s frustating to read the rules in your third language :persevere:

There’s stuff here about not depicting suicide as a means of escape.

I know the feeling. I speak English, French and Japanese myself. Plus @ShanniiWrites is teaching me Hindi and one of our friends is teaching me Slovak and Czech. It can be confusing.

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Okay thanks I’ll check it out !

Btw how did you learn Japanese ? I’ve been wanting to learn it for a while.

DM me and I’ll give you loads of links!

Hey EliseC,

Thanks for tagging me, and reading this kinda-in-and-out of context, here’s the Official Content Guidelines for suicide & self-harm:

The first line is take-away that I think you’re referring to:

Themes of suicide and self harm are allowed, but must be presented respectfully, maturely and in a non-glorifying way.

For case by case specifics, I’d recommend Authors to write to the Reviewer team a Zendesk ticket ^.^



Okay, thank you. Thank you so much. There are 9 year olds playing Episode tbh :rofl::rofl: yes, it may be the harsh truth of reality, but I was talking more about the concept of putting that into a story with cute little animated characters that 9 year olds will see, but y’know, potato, potahto. Thank you also for not replying rudely.

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I can also teach you some if you want, Japanese is my first language.

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Omg really ?! That’d so cool if you could !!

You can DM me :smile:

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