Should i poen commisions

Hey guys
Actually i am going through a tough times so i am in need of money.
So i thought about starting commissions so please share your opinions.



you should!!

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I just wanted to say I wish everything will turn out fine for you. :heart:


Thank you

Personally I dont think so, I am sorry that your going through a hard time,

but I am gonna be honest, I doubt you would get comission, people who buy art want really good art,

your lines are shakey and the colors are flat,
beside its hard enough to get people to buy art at all, most here expect it for free.

Also your first picture is a traced episode character, I asume the first picture is just an example, since you cant sell anything traced, that would be scamming people.

I recomand watching this video, it bring up good points in commision, and talk about diffrents art worth


I would agree with @line123462
Your art is really good! But when people look for artists to commission they need good quality and shading work.

I’ve been a artist for about 4 years now and have been taking commissions for about a few months.

As you can tell I didn’t start until I was completely confident about my work and that people would be interested.

Shakey lines and colour theory with shading isn’t a easy thing to learn. It will take time. You need a lot more practice to start commisions.

You also need to learn the anatomy for drawing complex poses. It will really help you with drawing poses.

You are doing really good so far. But i would say practice a bit more and then when you feel confident open them!

I don’t mean to be rude.

Best of luck! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::two_hearts:


I definitely agree with @line123462 and @kylie_episodexx

Cuz people want realistic art when it comes to commission


Hi @Riya.writes i sorry for what you going through in life . since it hard time

Your art is very good but when customers want commission art. The Customer will looks for talented skills artists have in their work of art . That mean people will judge on your shading , texture , color , blending .So They can buy art and Decision whether to buy from artists or not.

If your taking commission on this stage. You will need to build your art skills more up but if you are awesome at drawing on paper. I rather subject to have a paper and start sketch out detail and then try to turn your character drawing in realistic.

When you turn character in realistic that mean you have to make it in another dimension of what you have in your mind . that mean you have to think out of the box . don’t just go and looks up some other artists art style that is called tracing but it have to be you drawing your own art style.

What skills should included in art

  1. straight line
    Line should be straight by body , neck , head, foot , hand , and front. that mean there should be no shaking line and no other line that is over the art.

  2. Blending
    color in together with two more 3 color but it have to be dark and light but same color but in each row will have to be different color but it have be same color but dark and light.

  3. Hair
    Hair can be blend in 3 color or more but it depends on art .

  4. Clothes
    Clothes on character should be having texture blending in color. that mean it should be shading.

there much more step to do for art

There are digital artists vs realistic Vs Traditional but there alots different artists

you can watch this link @Riya.writes

Everyone draw different and work in different skills in art . just don’t worry but you can try practice bit more because people who like to order art. some customer of people like to ghost artists. when they are finished with their request.

you need to know how much money it take for art and much more and as it be hard to work with art in hours and hours without no break.

So you have to think on effort you have put through for all your free time because art is not easy i will tell you for sure.

agree with @Unknown_writer @kylie_episodexx @line123462