Should I put an intro in for the main character?

Should I put an intro in for the main character, like in The New Girl, or not, like in Complicated? The intro would be like, “My name is ___________, I’m _____ years old.”

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I personally enjoy a story more if I get to learn things about the characters throughout the episodes not all at once :grin:. But depending what kind of story your making it may be different.

Hmmm, I would only use an “intro” if the readers are completly customizing the character, like their hobbies, their past… But besides that, it’s better when you learn more about them throughout the story. :grin:

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You don’t need to add an intro, so long as you mention the main character’s name, as well as age, at some point : )

P.S Preferably not like 10 chapters in lol :sweat_smile:

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Please don’t.


Yeah I abstained from that only because I’d rather have the reader piece together at a reasonable pace through the story.

I think you can implement on how the character’s PERSONALITY is, since that’s always important, but when it comes to their past/baggage/relationships, I think it’s a bit boring if you just pack it all at once.

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