Should I put CC to my story?

I’m working on a new story and I was thinking of putting CC but then I also would not advice for the readers to customize and if they do customize then I advice them to not chance hair color, eyes and eye color and skin color for possible art scenes and overlays.

So should I put CC or leave it out?


@Dara.Amarie has many different limited CC templates that you could use.

Yes I know. But I’m just wondering if I should put a CC or not.

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i was just letting you know that you could always do a limited CC so that they can’t change the skin tone, hair color, ect.

But how can I have two CC in the same story? I don’t know how to make those templates and @Dara.Amarie only has one template for limited customization without haircolor, eyecolor and skin. And I don’t think I can use one template twice?

I think that you should use limited CC so your characters can fit your overlays and art scenes while still looking similar to how you intended them to look!

You can also request for a custom made template, it’s a workshop. Plus, 2 different templates are possible in an episode. You just need different labels (since duplicates aren’t allowed) and you’d change the gotos of the second template to match the labels of the 2nd template in ur story or request for 2 custom made templates.

And hmm, I’d say it’s ur choice, if you want to add CC u can but if saw the characters a specific way, then probably leave it so u can add art scenes in ur story and stuff like that, it’s more, IMO, to write a story without CC 'cause u grow attached to the characters :heart:

Paste the CC template.
Change all of your labels - eg. by putting a 1 at the end.

  • You can do this manually, or use Ctrl + F.

Then paste the original CC template.

I, as a reader,prefer a story where there is no CC, of course it’s your choice but if the story is good you don’t have to if you don’t want :slight_smile:

Well I do really like how the characters I made look like but the most important thing for me in CC is to not change their ethnecity(?) because one of the MC’s is half Japanese and that Japanese part I want to be shown so it’d be weird if it’s changed

Hmmm well maybe I won’t do customization or I’ll just make it so that the reader can’t change the most important things of the character.

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Don’t change then :heart:

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