Should I put my fantasy story into mystery?

My story is set in the medieval times and there are crimes as well as magical elements to it (e.g supernatural creatures, witches, ppl with powers.)
So I am quite unsure which genre I should put it in.

What do you guys think?

Title: Entangled

You are haunted by a peculiar dream. Arkel has lost its king and is plagued by murders and rumors. In the labyrinth of lies, will you find secrets lurking in the shadows?

Hi there, I think to decide what genre you want it to be in, you need to think about what the overarching plot is, not just the elements. I’m currently writing a murder mystery that includes a ghost, and probably could’ve classified it as mystery or fantasy as well. But I ended up putting it in mystery, because the murder plotline is what’s driving the story. So what is your story actually ABOUT? Is it about the solving the crimes committed while living in a fantastical world? Or is it about living in a fantastical world where crime exists?


Thank you so much for your input.:blush:
I understand it much more know. Now that I think about it, my plot is driven by solving crime in a fantastical world, so I suppose it should be classed as a mystery.

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Is it about the solving the crimes committed while living in a fantastical world?


Best wishes for your story it sounds interesting.

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Great! Just be sure that that is where is belongs, otherwise Episode will take the story out of the rankings until it’s put into the proper category. Many people will put their romance/drama/fantasy stories into adventure and mystery because they are easier genres to trend in, and if Episode catches you doing that (which they will if it cracks the Top 100 stories in the genre) they will make you move it before it’s visible on the app. From what you said, it does sound like a mystery story, but make sure that comes across when you’re writing it and you are able to defend it if Episode sends you edits!

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Thank you very much!! :smile:

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Ohh I didn’t know, I’m kinda new here.:sweat_smile:
Thanks so much for lettong me know. Wait, just to make sure I understand it properly, so if I put my story in the wrong category Episode will send me an email and make it invisible on the app until I put it in the right category(that is if I make it to 100😂)?

Yup, that’s exactly right!

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Okay I’ll make sure.:blush:


Hey! Your story sounds really interesting! If you’re planning on publishing it anytime soon, or if it’s already published do you mind sending me the link? I’d love to read it! :revolving_hearts:

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It’s already published :blush:, but I only have 3 chapters so far that are open, well technically I have four but its locked at the moment because Epiosde hasn’t approved one of the overlays that I recently added. But don’t worry it will open soon (sometime this week).

Thank you so much! :blush: :blush:

Title: Entangled
Author: Wistful_Haze74
Here’s the link:

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