Should I put the in the title of my story?

My story title is Forgotten Fairytale but should i put the in front? Like The Forgotten Fairytale?

I think “Forgotten Fairytale” sound better without the “The”. :slight_smile:
But that’s just my opinion.


I put it like that at first but I’m still not sure you know? I feel like it would be correct to put the but still.

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I had the same problem when deciding my story I wasn’t sure if I should’ve put ‘A’ before my title but I personally liked it much better without it.

however for your story, I feel like ‘The Forgotten Fairytale’ sounds really captivating!

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ahh thank you! I still can’t decide.

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As @/aloxepisode said before that ‘The Forgotten Fairytale’ sounds better to her and is more captivating. I agree with her.


I prefer The Forgotten Fairytale, it sounds more polished and rolls off the tongue better.


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