Should I release a LL story?

I told myself months ago that I would try to turn one of my old stories into a LL story. I gave up on doing that because I thought LL was too complicated than Ink and Classic combined. I guess the animations stopped me from writing my story in LL because there are a lot them, and it’ll be a bit hard adjusting to them. Knowing this, I am starting to change my mind & take that risk. So should I release a LL story in the future?

It’s always good to branch out and try new things!

I suggest writing it in stages to make it easier. Focus on backgrounds, movements, and dialogue first. Then you can go back and add the animations where you want to. It might help you from being overwhelmed with all the options. :slight_smile:

I think you should, but only if you want.

Do whatever you want. It is your story that shouldn’t need anybody else permission, except Episode’s, to be publish. The point of being an author is to allow yourself to tell others your entire story. Without a story, you aren’t an author, right?

I hear ya, but I just wanted a different opinion about it.

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Yes. You should. lol