Should I reopen my Constructive Cover Crit thread? 🤙⚖️

Hey guys

So basically I had a Constructive Cover Criticism Thread (See thread link below before you vote!). where I’d give constructive crit on your covers,
-Became inactive so was closed BUT idk if the community still wants it?

   :red_light: Key Question is:
Should I reopen the Thread?
  • Yes!
  • Only with “”xyz” improvements
  • No!

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Here’s the link so you understand :point_down::point_down:
Construtive Cover Criticism Thread :art::bookmark_tabs: UPDATE :bangbang:

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I don’t see why not. 🤷☺️


Aw thanks! If you have any suggestions or improvements for the thread please let me know :grin:
-like on the first post I put helpful apps and websites for making covers but I found a few more that I should add :thinking:


I’ll let you know if anything comes to mind. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
At the moment it’s blank though. :joy:


This would be amazing!

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Okay then… due to the majority vote- I will reopen!

pls pls PLS whoever voted for “xyz improvements” please message me so I know what I should add/remove from the thread before I get started thanks!

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