Should I? Should I do this?


Should I change my username?

  1. Keep it as Chay?
  2. Change it to ChayChay which my best friend called me be a she passed away.
  3. Change it to Chaylid which @FinnTheGhost named me!

Feel free to drop why down below!!!

  • Chay
  • ChayChay
  • Chaylid

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I love them all but I think you should change it to whatever you think is best. <3


Thanks… I don’t know though… that’s why I’m asking… haha


Yeah I get what you mean I am very indecisive. haha


Me too… lol


I honestly spend ages deciding on the simplest things. :laughing:


i like ur name






I love your name as it is, but ChayChay just sounds so cute,
and it’s even more special as your friend [Rest In Peace love] called you it.

The choice is really up to you, just go with whatever name you like best.


Thanks… I like them all… haha… thank you


So how do I fill out a ticket?? lol I’m new to this kind of stuff…


@Jeremy or @Sydney_H do y’all know how to game ones username??


@Sydney_H you can close this now that I have submitted a ticket to hangs with. Thank you everyone for your help!!!



Topic closed by OP request. :wink: