Should I start a ranting blog that is outside the Episode forum

You probably have seen me rant a lot in some blogs that I made and some comments in most of your threads. But I am not sure if I should do a blog on things I like to rant about. Like is there any decent blogging sites like Tumblr?


Yes. Do it!

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What site do you think I should make a ranting blog on?

Maybe Reddit.

I’ll have a look into that. I need to think of a less obvious username because I don’t want people I was friends with on Facebook to find me on Reddit.

Okay this is my reddit blog

:face_with_monocle: Shadow huh?

Haha well Shadow Of Silence is my ninja name


Oh. :slightly_frowning_face:I felt special for a moment there. :sleepy:

Well I wanted to be anonymous because I don’t want to be stalked by people who were on my Facebook friends list. As I have mentioned before, I deactivated my social media accounts because of some traumatic shizz going on which I really don’t want to talk about.

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Yess!!! That would be cool :slight_smile:

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I made the blog on Reddit if you want to have a look :slight_smile:

Okay then :slight_smile: I’ll check it out.

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