Should I start commissions or not?

So the thing is I am starting my uni soon (and I am in need of some money :sweat_smile:) I wanted to know if I can start my commission art shop or not. (I made a free one a few days back, I was thinking to convert it into commission one)
Just wanted to know if my art is capable enough for commission.:heart:

drawn and edited examples

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I my opinion. no you shouldnt. the quality is not that good. if you did commission, I doubt anyone would buy, people barely wanna spend money on commission alrady, if they do, they want really good art.

I myself do quite good art for free. and can barely get request.

I am not acusing you of tracing, but many do, so I am just gonna leave a reminder in case, that if you sell commission, it can not be traced, it has to be 100% by you, no use of other art to draw after. you need to do it on a blank canvas, not using other art to do your lines.

this one is edited right, you didnt draw this, so you should not use it as an example. because this is not what you sell as commission

its great you do art. and you should keep doing it, but you are not at a point where I thing this is an income for you.


Yep that pic is edited not drawn… Ty for ur opinion :heart:

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I would agree with @line123462 but I also encourage you to work on your skills! You have a talent, it’s better drawing than I can do. Artists are created, contrary to what a lot of people think, practicing your drawing and your art skills is what makes you talented. Sure there are people that drawing comes easier to, but in a year from now if you draw something today and then in a year from now, after you’ve learned and grown as an artist, you will see a massive difference!


Tysm for this :heart:

I guess I should work cuz I just started it… I might look for some other source of income lol

If this is your start? You’re doing awesome! This is pretty good for a few drawings here and there. Take some art classes if you can, watch youtube videos and draw what inspires you. Just keep practicing!

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I watch you tube… Like try to learn new form of painting style… I started digital recently…

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That’s awesome! There’s tons of tutorials. You’ll learn your strong and weak points and then you can like it watch videos that specialize in some areas which also helps. I think you’ve got a great start though :relaxed: just needs more practice

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Hey if u r also learning can uh help me finding done lighting tutorials… I m finding hard to work on that area

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I’m not practicing art or editing rn, sorry :relaxed:

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As stated before, you should not charge money for things you edit (regardless of whether the assets belong to Episode or elsewhere).

If you choose to commission, here are a few things to consider coming from a commission artist:

  • All work has to be done entirely by yourself. You cannot trace, but you can reference. Even with references, you have to be careful because sometimes it can be considered copying.
  • Commissions are HARD!!! In my experience, it only really works well if you have an established or rapidly expanding base of people who are willing to support you. It was very taxing for me when I started commissions because I had neither.
  • It helps to have your own distinctive style. People are more inclined to seek out something unique.

Those are just things that I noticed in my time, but they might not apply to you in the end. Good luck :hearts:


Tysm :heart: I will keep that in mind

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I liked your art

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That means a lot to me :heart:

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