Should I start over?

I’m writing my story and I have a lot of errors. So, should I wipe my script clean and start over or fix the errors? If I start over, it will give me a better idea of how I’m gonna write my story.


It really depends on how good your story is. If you think it still has lots of potential I would go and fix the errors. If not press the reset button.

Reset button?

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Just depends on the story if you like how it is but there is just things that need to be fixed then go back and fix them but if your not happy with how it has turned out so far then redo. I had the same problem and want back and read the hole thing on writer portal preview and ended up fixing most of my errors and only rewriting some. Maybe have someone get on there for you and read it and see what they think about it.

It was a metaphor I just meant you can restart.

It’s ok, I just erased the whole thing and I’m gonna start over from there.

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