Should i still contiue my story

Should i still continue my story because i feel like giving up and im not sure what to do


Well, it depends. What is the reason you’re thinking about giving up?


I really dont understand the coding part and it all seems confusing so i feel like i should give up on it

There are lots of amazing people out here on the Episode forum that want to help you with coding! You can also take a look on YouTube :wink:
Don’t give up, practise makes perfect :two_hearts:


Personally, if you aren’t inspired anymore, I would just try to find a way to wrap it up in 1-3 episodes and end it. That way, your readers have an ending and you aren’t putting work into something that you no longer care for too long.

If you do really love your story, don’t give up. My problem has always been losing interest but you have the forum and other websites to learn how to code. I have been coding for 3 years and I am finally starting to memorize how to do things. If you aren’t happy though, then don’t do it. Making yourself miserable over something you don’t care for will yield something that doesn’t show passion and isn’t worth it.

Follow your heart :heart:.


Then if you have a story you want to tell and that you’re excited about, I don’t think you should give up. As @LiliStar mentioned, there are a lot of tutorials you can learn from, for instance you could check out Joseph Evan’s videos on YouTube. And yes, you can also ask questions here in the Creator’s Corner, the community is pretty helpful :slightly_smiling_face: Good luck with writing!


tysm guys :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I didn’t understand the coding either, but now I got the hang of it. It isn’t that hard and i’m just a beginner as well. I really do recommend watching videos of episode writers explaining how coding works.

The person that helped me the most is definitely Joseph Evans. If you’re using Limelight or Ink, I’ll link you his playlists were he explains how coding works. Just pay close attention. I would also recommend watching him AS you’re writing your story. You’ll get the hang out of it better than just watching it & continue writing later (you’re more likely to forget coding by that)

Also, don’t lose hope love! If you really wanna continue your story then continue, just learn the basics first. You got this! :heart:

His playlists:


This is a playlist dedicated to ALL of coding which I totally recommend!

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ty :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Just do what you feel and want to doing. Don’t feel pressured. If you really want to continue it and you love doing it then do it! If you don’t really want to pursue it or think you can do better you can always just try again. Hope this helps in some way.


If coding is the problem, I would just take a break from the story and just practice the coding part by watching videos, practice in episode interactive, ask for help in the forums, etc…

tysm :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: