Should I Talk To My Friend?

This weekend was my school’s homecoming, and it was a really good time with all of my friends. The thing is, one of my friends went to hoco with my ex as her date, and she didn’t tell me about it.
I feel really hurt about it, because
a) I literally just talked to her about why we broke up less than a week ago, and she seemed to be on my side
b) the people in her group knew she went with him as her date.

I didn’t want to jump to conclusions, but I was wondering why it seemed like she tried to avoid the question when I asked who her date was. The only reason I knew was because I saw she had a corsage on, (and I was like omg I didn’t know you had a date!), so later I asked another friend, and she said that a couple of them went in a big group, but that my friend kinda went with my ex.
So I’m just upset that she wouldn’t trust me enough to tell me, when I told her about having a crush on him and eventually even dating him.

Should I talk to her about it?


Yes, u need to talk to her about it. She should have been more open with you, especially going with your ex, which does seem a bit shocking at least to me. You’ll two need to have a private conversation about it. Something really seems off a bit with your friend and that group of hers.


Communication is #1 in any sort of relationship, platonic and otherwise. Talking to her is a good idea and probably the only way to really deal with the situation properly. Be sure you come into it with an open mind but don’t be afraid to advocate for yourself. I wish you the best.


I totally agree with @lanafrazer_episode and @HermanEpisode. Talk to her. No matter what relationship you’re in (family, friends or even your pet), always communicate. (Thanks @HermanEpisode :grin: You were first and hit the nail.) Communication is the key for trust in a relationship.


That’s not right of her to do that, especially if the break up is so fresh.


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